Search Advisory Committee

Archie Clutter (Chair)
Dean/Director, ARD

Jerry Darnell
PHREEC Advisory Committee
VP Agriculture, Western Sugar Cooperative

Rob Eirich
Engagement Zone 1 Coordinator
Extension Educator, Beef

Cardinal Farrington
PHREEC Facilities Manager

Loren Giesler
Department Head, Plant Pathology

Jackie Guzman
Extension Educator, Engagement Zone 1, The Learning Child

Butch Schuler
PHREEC Advisory Committee
Schuler Red Angus

Mitch Stephenson
Associate Professor and Range and Forage Management Specialist, Agronomy & Horticulture, PHREEC

Joshua Miranda
PHREEC Graduate Student

Xin Qiao
Associate Professor and Water and Irrigation Management Specialist, Biological Systems Engineering, PHREEC

Daran Rudnick
Associate Professor and Water and Irrigation Management Specialist
Program Leader for Water and Integrated Cropping Systems

Doug Zalesky
Director, ENREEC