College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Since the establishment of the University of Nebraska in 1869, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) has provided opportunities for students to develop personally, intellectually, and professionally to meet the challenges of their era. Today’s CASNR fosters a student-centered learning environment where diverse basic and applied natural, life, earth, and social sciences are integrated into the context of a global society and environmental stewardship. The college’s goal is to prepare students as leaders for a future in which demands on food, energy, and water systems will challenge sustainability. Its areas of study are broad and span animal, plant, and human health and well-being, earth systems analysis, agricultural production and processing, global climate change, agricultural market structures, water resources, and land-use change. The college is also responsible for coordinating all agricultural sciences and natural resources programs in higher education within the State of Nebraska.

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