IANR Liaison Committee

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Our Mission

The main purpose of the IANR Liaison Committee is to represent the faculty as an advisory group to the Vice Chancellor.

Additional Roles Include:

Evaluation of Faculty and Administrators. Each IANR administrative division/unit will utilize the same standard system for evaluation of IANR faculty. Additional evaluation inputs such as student evaluations, county extension board evaluations, etc., may be a part of the division or unit procedure. The IANR system shall be designed to fulfill the requirements of the Board of Regents and UNL Bylaws and it shall be approved by the IANR Liaison Committee.

Amendments to the IANR Bylaws

It is the responsibility of the Liaison Committee to tabulate and report results of voting on amendments to the IANR Bylaws.

Committee Elections

Members of the Liaison Committee are elected by the faculty. The current committee shall annually appoint 2 nominees for each open position to be voted on by the faculty. A tie vote shall be broken by action of the Liaison Committee.

Creation of Ad Hoc Committees

All matters requiring committee action not covered by the Liaison Committee shall be conducted by committees appointed by the Liaison Committee by majority vote or the Vice Chancellor in consultation with the Liaison Committee.

Current Committee Members

Brenda Aufdenkamp

Brenda Aufdenkamp

Food, Nutrition and Health and Zone 3
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Tomas Helikar

Tomas Helikar

Biochemistry (2026)
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Hayley Jackson

Hayley Jackson

Early Childhood and Zone 9 (2026)
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Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

Textiles, Merchandising, & Fashion Design (2026)
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Jay Reddy

Jay Reddy

School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (2025)
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Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith

Beef Systems and Zone 2 (2026)
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Rick Stowell

Rick Stowell

Animal Science (2025)
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Contact Us

The Liaison Committee is interested in identifying issues that are of importance to the success of IANR, its faculty, staff and students. As faculty you have a unique perspective on the day-to-day operations and issues that may arise. We are interested in knowing about these topics or issues. To make a suggestion on what should be on the Liaison committee's agenda, please email us.

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