Faculty Senate

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln participates in shared governance between the faculty and administration through the Faculty Senate. Established in 1974 the Faculty Senate is a representative body of members elected by the faculty of the various academic departments and units of UNL. The Faculty Senate supports faculty governance and believes that shared governance is essential to creating a productive and rewarding academic environment for faculty and students as well as protecting faculty to pursue independent, scholarly research.

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty Senate Members
College/Department Representative Term Expiration Email Address
4-H Youth Development Michelle Krehbiel 2023 mkrehbiel2@unl.edu
Agricultural Economics Wes Peterson 2023 epeterson1@unl.edu
Chris Gustafson 2023 cgustafson6@unl.edu
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications Michelle Kang 2023 mkang5@unl.edu
Agronomy and Horticulture Marc Libault 2024


Ismail Dweikat 2023 idweikat2@unl.edu
Animal Science Andrea Cupp 2024 acupp2@unl.edu
Jennifer Wood 2023 jwood5@unl.edu
Biochemistry Oleh Khalimonchuk 2023 okhalimonchuk2@unl.edu
Jennifer Markham 2025 jemarkham@unl.edu
Entomology Doug Golick 2023 dgolick2@unl.edu
Food Science & Technology Jacques Izard 2023 jizard@unl.edu
Plant Pathology 2025
School of Natural Resources

Joe Dauer

(Chris Chizinski will serve while Dauer is on leave)




Tsegaye Tadesse 2025 ttadesse2@unl.edu
Statistics Ruizhi Zhang 2024 rzhang35@unl.edu
Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences Seth Harris 2024 sharris4@unl.edu
Renee McFee 2022 rmcfee3@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 1 Jenny Nixon 2023 jnixon@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 2 Amy Timmerman 2023 atimmerman2@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 3 David Lott 2024 david.lott@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 4 Nancy Frecks 2023 nancy.frecks@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 5 Kim Bearnes 2024 kbearnes1@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 6 TBD 2023
Extension Engagement Zone 7 Julia Kreikemeier 2024 julia.kreikemeier@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 8 2023

Extension Engagement Zone 9 John Fech 2023 jfech1@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 10 Ron Seymour 2024 ron.seymour@unl.edu
Extension Engagement Zone 11 Jacie Milius 2024 jacie.milius@unl.edu