Nebraska Extension is a nationally respected educational leader working to help Nebraskans enhance their lives through research-based education. As the university’s front door across the State, Nebraska Extension accomplishes this role by bringing research-based programming across multiple subject areas to both urban and rural audiences. Its goal is to translate scientific discoveries for practical application, engage target audiences to co-create solutions to vexing problems, and change lives through opportunities for learning and engagement. 

With over 325 Extension Specialists, Educators and Assistants and a presence in every county, Nebraska Extension has tremendous impact on the success of our state – its youth, its families, its farms and ranches, its communities, and its economy. Nebraska Extension uses state-of-the-art technologies and engagement pedagogies to reach an increasingly diverse audience. Extension professionals across the state serve local producers, communities, businesses and families. They work in interdisciplinary teams designed to take on statewide issues important to Nebraskans, such as integrated crop and livestock systems, irrigation efficiency, food access and early childhood development. 

Program Areas

Extension programming is strategically focused in the following seven areas. Teams from across multiple disciplines contribute to programming in each of these areas to enhance impact.

  • Beef Systems
  • Water and Integrated Cropping Systems
  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Rural Prosperity Nebraska
  • The Learning Child
    Community Environment
  • 4-H Youth Development

Additional information about Nebraska Extension may be obtained from its web site,