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The IANR Science Communication Hub supports communication of science to inform, educate, and advocate to diverse audiences. The hub helps the IANR community showcase their innovations and discoveries by engaging with postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff to support the development of graduate students.

Current graduate student support initiatives:

  • Discipline-based and interdisciplinary writing and publication (to inform academic audiences):
    • Weekly small group writing sessions
    • Online community for small-group participants
    • Student-centered peer review opportunities for small-group participants
    • Scientific writing and communication course (Spring only)
    • Medium- to long-term one-on-one writing support (by arrangement only)
  • Science Communication (to educate, engage, and advocate to diverse audiences):
    • Annual Science Communication Workshop
  • Additional resources (to inform, educate, and advocate to diverse audiences):
    • Outline of external online resources
    • Outline of UNL-wide programming and workshops to develop communication skills

Resources Events and Workshops


Christine Booth

Christine Booth
385 Plant Sciences Hall, East Campus


Regardless of one’s chosen STEM field or career path, effective communication of science is essential. The IANR Science Communication Hub supports our community to develop effective communication skills and provides a space to share knowledge.

The hub has three long-term goals:

  • To equip the next generation of scientists to be effective communicators of science within their discipline, across disciplines, and with diverse non-academic audiences.
  • To build students’ professional communication skills, knowledge, and capacity using evidence-based practices.
  • To expand the broader knowledge base by conducting independent communication research.

We reach our goals by engaging with postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff to provide graduate student programming that brings our science to each other, and the broader community.


Sit-down-and-write is a weekly writing group for graduate students. The meeting gives students the opportunity to have uninterrupted writing time outside of their normal environment with others who are also writing. Students have blocks of focused, timed writing with short breaks between blocks.

To join our writing community, subscribe to the mailing list. (list name - SciCommHub--sit-down-and-write).


Feedback and suggestions

We want to hear from you! Please take a minute to provide feedback about your experience. All feedback is collected anonymously and helps us to improve the IANR Science Communication Hub to best serve our community.

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