1. We are intentionally providing trainings, bringing in speakers, and looking for opportunities to sponsor conferences and events that encourage and demonstrate our commitment to inclusive excellence.
    1. Co-sponsored an interactive engagement of The Defamation Experience on the UNL East Campus in partnership with the University of Nebraska Diversity Officers Collaborative and UNL’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (September 25, 2019).
    2. Hosted a Table Talk by Inclusive Communities May 21, 2019
    3. Ouch! and other trainings are offered in departments and other IANR units
    4. IANR units are encouraged to participate in and schedule workshops to raise awareness of gender and identity issues in teaching and learning offered through the UNL Women’s Center  and UNL LGBTQA+ Center.
    5. CASNR’s 2020 Winter Teaching and Learning Symposium featured Dr. Kevin Gannon, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Grand View University (Des Moines, IA) to present about The Theory and Practice of Inclusive Teaching.
    6. Nebraska Extension’s Fall Conference featured Carlos Barcenas, a noted speaker on diversity and inclusion, to provide a general session about bias and inclusive excellence.
    7. Sponsored a viewing of the documentary Hearts of Glass, a film exploring food technology, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion and hosted a panel discussion with the producer, employees of Vertical Harvest and experts from among UNL faculty.
    8. Sponsoring (February 23-25, 2021) a viewing of the film Picture a Scientist along with a panel discussion. This is a film exploring discrimination within the scientific community of female scientists.
  2. Since 2019, IANR has partnered with CASNR to sponsor four CASNR students to participate in the annual Cultivating Change Conference. The mission of the Cultivating Change Conference and Foundation is to “value and elevate LGBTQ agriculturalists through advocacy, education, and community.”
  3. Chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) received approval as a UNL student organization in Fall 2020. 
  4. IANR Staff Council was launched in May 2020. The charge of the council is to advocate for issues impacting staff, advise IANR administration on staff issues, and encourage and organize professional development for staff. Professional development will include training on the role of explicit and implicit bias and on how to nurture an inclusive workplace and an inclusive excellence mindset.
  5. A DEI Advisory Group to the IANR senior leadership team was organized with their first meeting in November 2020. The group is charged with becoming familiar with IANR initiatives and activities and advising the Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellors, and deans on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness.
  6. Mandatory and voluntary training for Extension Educators and Specialists on inclusive excellence in extension programming.
  7. Extension programming on diversity and inclusive excellence (e.g., Navigating Difference) is available and being delivered to extension professionals, university organizations, and community groups and organizations.
  8. Training at Research, Extension, and Education Centers and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture on creating and nurturing an inclusive work environment has been conducted.
  9. IANR is a sponsorship-partner with ORED and OAA for the UNL chapter of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS). Rich Bischoff is an active member of the AWIS advisory committee.
  10. CASNR is a co-sponsor of We Are Nebraska, an improvisational theater production (directed by Julie Uribe) of the Hixon-Lied School of Performing Arts designed to increase exposure to the diversity that exists among UNL students.
  11. We are coordinating with and supporting university-wide efforts to celebrate diversity and nurture an environment that is inclusive.
  12. An IANR Faculty-organized training session for the Intercultural Development Inventory was held at UNL. The training was available to UNL faculty, staff, and students, and others outside the university. Currently, the following IANR faculty, staff, and students are trained administrators of the IDI:
    1. Rich Bischoff, VC office
    2. Maria de Guzman, CYAF
    3. Helen Fagan, ALEC
    4. Jason Headrick, ALEC
    5. Gina Matkin, ALEC
    6. Kate McCain, ALEC
    7. Carol Ott-Schacht, IANR Finance and Personnel
    8. 5 graduate students in ALEC
  13. The following IANR faculty and administrators are trained to deliver OUCH! training:
    1. Rich Bischoff
    2. Nicole Frerichs