Faculty Mentoring and Evaluation

Using an equity lens, we have engaged in comprehensive examinations of faculty reporting and evaluation procedures and practices. This has resulted in a bold restructuring of faculty mentoring and evaluation to address inequities. Examples include:

  • All academic units and divisions have a plan for systematically onboarding faculty and providing mentoring uniquely tailored to each faculty member’s position, preferences, and needs. Nebraska Extension’s mentoring plan is an example.
  • Expectations for contributions to environments where every person and every interaction matters are written into faculty and administrator position descriptions. Faculty members are able to document the contributions and accomplishments in this area for both annual evaluation and promotion and/or tenure evaluation. These contributions are acknowledged by those conducting evaluations.
  • Training on inclusive excellence in faculty evaluation is provided annually to unit administrators and chairs of promotion/promotion & tenure committees. This training is provided every other year to members of promotion/promotion & tenure committees.
  • For reappointment, administrators are expected to demonstrate accomplishments related to culture and climate and inclusive excellence.