Women Supporting Women in IANR

Women Supporting Women in IANR

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In 2022 we created a new initiative termed Women Supporting Women in IANR (WSW-IANR), with its primary goal to promote female faculty members within IANR, helping them to build and sustain their careers and lives. This initiative began as an idea, developed by Drs. Andrea Cupp and Angie Pannier, two fully promoted female faculty members in IANR, who felt compelled to develop and invent new ways of supporting, empowering, and promoting female faculty in IANR, to be and build resources for those female faculty around them, and develop the next generation of women leaders.

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Andrea Cupp
Angie Pannier
Jennifer Wood
Melanie Downs
Erin Blankenship
Rossana Villa-Rojas
Maria Rosario de Guzman
Renee McFee
Mary Emery
Jean Ann Fischer

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