Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at IANR

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Valuing diversity.
Creating opportunity.
Accelerating inclusion.
Fostering belonging.
Maximizing impact.

We value the contributions of each person and strive to make each interaction matter. We are committed to engaging in practices that demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusive excellence.

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Our Mission

In fulfilling our mission related to teaching and learning, research, and extension, we consider and implement ways to respect and value each person’s background, experience, ability, ideology, culture, and identity. The degree to which we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment is the degree to which we can maximize our impact, both today and into the future.

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Simanti Banerjee
Michael Bergland-Riese
Jackie Guzman
Holly Hatton-Bowers
Angi Heller
Lisa Karr
Martha Mamo
Martha Mamo
Bobby Skates
Ashley Stengel
Jenifer Velazquez-Perfecto
Ana Maria Velez

IANR Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Group

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