Strategies for Keeping the Strategic Vision Dynamic

  • In order for the strategic vision to be dynamic, it must be kept in front of people.
  • Create a brief statement (10-15 words) that succinctly describes what the unit is about that can be memorized.


  • The tag line for the N2025 Strategic Plan is "Every person and every interaction matters."
  • The 10 word statement that illustrates what IANR is doing in DEI: " Valuing Diversity. Creating Opportunity. Accelerating Inclusion. Fostering Belonging. Maximizing Impact."
  • The unit leader should weave this language into their conversations and public presentations about the unit. Encourage faculty to do the same (e.g., faculty advisory committee members, graduate chair, P&T committee chair).
  • Explicitly tie items on unit faculty/staff and committee meeting agendas to priorities related to the strategic vision.
  • At regular intervals, assess progress toward achievement of metrics/benchmarks with data. Make adjustments in strategy and goals periodically.