Evaluating the Utility of the Strategic Visioning Document

The following statements can be used to evaluate the utility of a strategic visioning document. Note that these are only presented to stimulate thought and discussion. This is not necessarily a template for the documentation of the strategic direction of the unit.

Our strategic visioning document

  • is tied and contributes to the strategic priorities of IANR and the university.
  • provides a vision for what we are working towards; what impact we are trying to achieve.
  • tells us why we are doing what we are doing. 
  • communicates to ourselves and others what we are about.
  • establishes measurable goals that will give us direction and help us to know if we are making progress.
  • indicates strategies we are pursuing to accomplish goals in pursuit of our mission.
  • identifies our expertise and strengths that are going to help us achieve our mission and our vision for the future, and the gaps in our expertise that need to be filled in order to achieve that mission.
  • identifies how we are going to fill the gaps in our expertise in order to achieve our mission and vision (e.g., hiring plan and/or collaboration plan).