Strategic Visioning Essentials

Aerial photo of East Campus

Strategic Visioning is one of the Core Expectations of Academic Leaders in IANR (see below).

Culture and Climate

Fostering an inclusive culture in which all contributions to the team are appreciated and recognized, collaboration and innovation are encouraged, and the abilities of all are engaged to fully realize the potential of the team, and of each member. 

Resource Management

Managing the financial and physical resources responsibly to maximize the effectiveness of those resourc- es, exhibiting fiscal discipline and transparency, and utilizing best fiscal management practices. 

Inclusive Excellence

Ensuring opportunities are open to all, programs are inclusive of all constituencies, and efforts are made to engage diverse audiences, especially those that are traditionally underrepresented.

Strategic Vision

Synthesizing a vision for the unit with input from faculty, staff, and stakeholders that encompasses all programs within the unit, seeks and deploys personnel and financial resources strategically, and is continuously examined for relevancy and refreshed as needed.