Faculty Development Fellowship Program, IANR Supplemental Guidelines

August 1993


The University of Nebraska Board of Regents policies provides for a Faculty Development Fellowship Program. This may be found in Section IV. D. of the UNL Faculty Handbook. Administrative policy of the Board provides for the development of unit policies governing the Faculty Development Program. Since the program does not address specific procedural policies, this document is developed to provide supplemental guidelines to assist IANR in administering the program.

  1. Faculty development fellowships are not an entitlement, rather a leave request evaluated on the basis of how much it will improve the faculty member's ability to contribute to the academic programs of their administrative unit. A fellowship should not have a significant adverse impact on the productivity of the unit.
  2. Faculty are encouraged to participate in 12-month fellowship appointments if on a 12-month (all-year) appointment or at least 9 months if on an academic-year appointment. Normally, it is expected this appointment period is necessary for the faculty member and the University to receive the full benefits of the program. Less than the above-stated fellowship appointment time periods will be considered if it can be shown that the faculty member and the University can still receive substantial benefits.
  3. A Faculty Development Fellowship may be approved for half of the regular appointment period (6 months for calendar year appointments and one semester for academic year appointments).
  4. The Faculty Development Fellowship will provide the faculty member with a stipend equal to full-pay for one-half of his or her normal appointment period, or equal to 50% of regular pay for all of his or her normal appointment period in order to engage in scholarly research, artistic activity, or study of teaching or professional innovations which will improve the faculty member’s ability to contribute to the academic programs of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During the period of the fellowship award, the University will continue to make its full contribution to the various employee benefit programs in which the individual is enrolled.
  5. No faculty development fellowship appointments will be approved for less than six months if on a 12-month (all-year) appointment or one semester if on an academic-year appointment. Periods less than these as specified above shall be considered as academic leaves of absence or a change of duty station. Note: A change of duty station is an action whereby a faculty member is temporarily assigned to a different work location with the faculty member performing essentially the same duties and responsibilities.
  6. The change of duty station assignment should require specific outcomes and be for the benefit of the administrative unit. A change of duty station is not a pre-faculty development fellowship. It should not be used for the express purpose of exploring the possibilities of or making arrangements for a fellowship leave. A reasonable amount of time should elapse between a change of duty station and a faculty development fellowship.
  7. The agreed upon fellowship appointment period may be supplemented with faculty vacation time as long as the fellowship appointment period combined with the vacation time does not result in the faculty member being away from their University duties and responsibilities for more than 12 continuous months. Vacation time is not considered part of the official faculty development fellowship appointment period.
  8. Vacation for all-year faculty will be earned while participating in the fellowship program. The amount earned is proportionate to the amount of salary received from the University while participating in the fellowship program in comparison to the amount of regular full-time, all-year salary that would have been received during that time period. For faculty on academic-year appointments, the vacation is a fraction of the University calendar.
  9. The Board of Regents policy (RP- allows supplementing the faculty member’s fellowship stipend with outside funds as long as the total monthly compensation does not exceed the faculty members’ normal monthly full-time compensation. State appropriated, tuition, federal formula, revolving, grant or contract funds are not considered outside funds, and consequently, are not able to be used to supplement the fellowship stipend. An exception will be granted when the award letter for a grant or contract specifically indicates that funds are to be used for the purpose of supplementing salary and benefits during the Faculty Development Fellowship.”
  10. Only outside funds can be utilized to cover the costs of travel and living expenses associated with the faculty development fellowship leave. These expenses must be specifically approved in the notice awarding the grant or contract.
  11. Total compensation from outside funds to supplement the fellowship stipend cannot exceed one-half of the faculty member's regular, full-time pay.
  12. A faculty member on an approved Faculty Development Fellowship Program appointment regardless of the appointment period shall receive pay equal to six months of their regular pay if on a 12-month (all-year) appointment or one semester, if on an academic-year appointment.
  13. Following the faculty member's return, a written report on the leave should be submitted to the Vice Chancellor with a copy to the appropriate dean(s).