Policy on Reimbursement of Relocation Expenses

New faculty members and administrators of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources may be provided assistance with relocation expenses up to $5,000. The amount to be provided should be specified in the letter of offer.

Expenses the assistance is intended to support include house hunting trip, the cost of moving household goods, and the cost of travel for the employee and family members. Approval to exceed $5,000 must be acquired from the IANR Senior Leadership Team in advance of extending an offer. The cost of relocation assistance will be the responsibility of the hiring unit.

These guidelines may be applied to faculty members or administrators who are transferred from one position to another within IANR if the transfer is at the request of the IANR Administration and involves a move of greater than 50 miles.

Approved by the IANR Senior Leadership Team on September 14, 2020.