Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Created by the Nebraska Legislature in 1973, the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) is composed of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR), the Agricultural Research Division (ARD), Nebraska Extension, and the ARD and Extension components of three departments in the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS). Teaching is provided through the CASNR and CEHS, research through the ARD, and extension education through statewide Nebraska Extension. Each of these colleges or divisions is led by a dean who directs the achievement of goals related to their mission and who collaborate with one another in achievement of the goals and mission of IANR.

IANR innovation in research, teaching, and extension education places Nebraska on the leading edge of food production, environmental stewardship, human nutrition, business development, and youth engagement. The Institute’s priorities are the life sciences, from molecular to global systems; sustainable food, fiber, and natural resource systems that support a bio-based economy; economics and environments for a sustainable future; and human capital development of children, youth, and families. IANR also discharges a global leadership role in enhancing worldwide food and water security, particularly in developing countries.

IANR is led by the UNL Vice Chancellor/University of Nebraska Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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