IANR researchers are not only focused on improving water quality, but ensuring the next generation understands such issues. The "Know Your Well" program is a Nebraska Environmental Trust-funded project that launched in 2017 training high school students to sample and test well water quality.

The tests will look for levels of nitrate, metals, pesticides and bacteria and will then be compared with results from the Nebraska Water Sciences Laboratory.

In addition to Dan Snow of the Water Sciences Laboratory, others coordinating the project include Nebraska Water Center Director Chittaranjan Ray, Ashook Samal and Shine Bedi from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Christopher Olson from the School of Natural Resources and Matt Kreifels from the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication.

Through this program, future well owners and the next generation of water scientists are together learning more about the state's groundwater. To learn more, visit knowyourwell.unl.edu.

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