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Instruction Guides for 2016 Annual Report

All instruction guides are PDF files.

Tips for Entering Content and Reviewing Your Report
Information on 2016 updates. Instructions for general system usage and viewing & printing the annual report.

Instruction guides below provide information and guidelines for content required in the Annual Report.

Writing Your Summary Statement

Entering Goal Accomplishments and Goals for Next Year
  - Teaching, Research, Extension, Outreach and Service
  - Extension

Checking Grants and Contracts Content

Entering and Checking Teaching Content

Entering and Updating Publications - Intellectual Contributions

Entering Presentations Records

Entering Extension Activities
 - New or significantly revised Extension curriculum, program or educational resources
 - Implemented Educational Programs, Products or Services
 - Educators: Fulfilling Position Description Responsibilities
 - Specialists: Fulfilling Position Description Responsibilities

Entering IANR Administrative Information



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2017 Report due date

IANR - Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Departmental Administrative Functions

Unit Administration Checklist for Activity Insight 2016 Annual Reporting

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