Strengthening Campus Climate

man facing crowd to speak at a diversity meeting

The University of Nebraska System Climate Study

In the winter of 2017, the University of Nebraska system partnered with Gallup to learn more about perceptions of a broad range of issues related to campus climate from students, faculty, staff members and alumni. The goals of this partnership were to:

  • gather multiple perspectives on issues related to campus climate
  • learn community members’ views about these complex topics
  • encourage rich and meaningful dialogue
  • inform the cultivation of a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment

The findings of the study will guide our collective efforts to be inclusively excellent and our shared commitment to ensuring that everyone matters, all are welcome, and that we are a safe place to explore differences in a respectful manner that always leaves others dignity intact.

We invite those within the IANR community to review the findings in the Gallup executive summary and full report.

All members of the IANR community – students, staff, faculty, academic unit leaders, center directors, and Extension Issue Team leads – are also encouraged to review the discussion guide for conversation starters and ideas on how each of us can foster conversations and engage one another to explore differences with dignity and create a more inclusive and respectful place for people to live, learn, work and serve.

Download the Discussion Guide

Only UNL employees and UNL collaborators can access the discussion guide.

The purpose of any university is to create spaces where different people and different ideas collide. We want all members of the University of Nebraska community to have a rich educational experience where they’re challenged to stretch and broaden their thinking.
Hank Bounds
President, University of Nebraska