Soil Health Summit

Soil Health: what we know, what we think we know and what we need to know.

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Soil Health Summit

What we Know - What we Think we Know - What we Need to Know

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Friday, November 19, 2021

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  • Who is here to talk about soil health? Farmer/Racher: 12, Education/Research: 37, Ag Consultant/Business: 10, Government Agency: 16, Non-profit/NGO: 5, Other: 7.
  • Where are you from? Majority of people are from Nebraska, with a majority from the Lincoln area.
  • What makes soil health important? A word cloud featuring terms like 'Food', 'Sustainability', 'Environment', 'Water Quality', and 'Life'.
  • What practices build soil health? A word cloud featuring terms like 'Cover Crops', 'No Till', 'Roots', 'Minimal Disturbance', and 'Soil Cover'.
  • Are these Practices ready for the field? Ranked by how ready they are for the field, most to least: No-till/minimum till, Cover crops, Expanded crop rotations, Soil microbial additives, biochar/carbon additives, perennial integration.
  • How would you rate these practices for improving soil health? Diagram showing ratios of impact/value versus effort/cost. Soil microbial additives has the leas impact/value, while Perennial integration has the most effort/cost.
  • What are your priority next steps? Ranked by how much of an essential proirity they are, most to least: Education, Awareness, Research, Incentives/policy, and Market Development.