Non-Credit Learning Experiences

Students working on a digital badge outdoors.

We are taking learning beyond the classroom.

Non-credit learning experiences recognize that a university education is much, much more than what happens in the classroom. They offer learners opportunities to stretch themselves, develop skills and try new things. There are a wide array of non-credit learning experiences offered by IANR designed for university students, alumni, career professionals, as well as, life-long learners and young people.

Group of students in a food processing course.

IANR encourages a framework of experiential learning including an applied activity and a reflection process for non-credit learning experiences. Experiential learning is structured around a set of learning opportunities that include:

  • Knowledge – a common foundation for the badge topic
  • Experiences – learners co-create their understanding based on their experience applying what they’ve learned
  • Reflection – looking back on their understanding and experiences and how they can be applied going forward provides the basis for deeper understanding

Non-credit learning experiences help potential employers and other stakeholders understand the value of all the experiences IANR offers on our campus, across the state and internationally.

IANR non-credit learning experiences are designed to:

  • Break learning into small chunks.
  • Recognize learning that occurs outside of the classroom.
  • Introduce learners to something new.
  • Provide opportunities for critical training and skill-building.
  • Allow flexibility for individual learning journeys.

Developing an Experience

Increase learner engagement by recognizing accomplishments and skills developed beyond the classroom. Develop a non-credit learning experience.

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Earning a Credential

Anyone can earn digital badges. They are not for academic credit. Explore these opportunities and engage in learning experiences to increase your competency and career readiness.

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Engagement Opportunities

Organizations and companies across Nebraska recognize and support digital badges. Partners collaborate with IANR to develop learning experiences that focus on the readiness skills employers are looking for.

Providing Value to Businesses