Exemplary Service Award

MMike Livingston
Shirley Sato
Center for Biotechnology
2022 Exemplary Service Award recipient

In recognition of outstanding employees who maintain a high level of exemplary service to the University of Nebraska

About: Up to two Exemplary Service Awards are presented each year to University of Nebraska–Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources employees. This is a career award that recognizes and rewards employees who have made significant and sustained contributions to the University during their career. It focuses on staff members who contribute to the essential work of IANR at the highest level of excellence.

Award:  $1000

Eligibility:  Permanent IANR office/service or managerial/professional (.50 FTE or more) with 20 or more years of service to the university. Employee cannot be on corrective probation. Nominees should consistently demonstrate high-quality performance, project a commitment toward excellence in the quality of daily work, inspire a "teamwork attitude," contribute to high-staff morale, and use sound judgment in the exercise of duties.

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Nomination Instructions

The full nomination packet should be submitted electronically via "NOMINATION FORM" link below and include;

  • Letter of recommendation; the nomination packet must include a letter of recommendation from the nominator. The letter should include a detailed description of the qualities which make your nominee deserving of the award, including specific examples and quotes from colleagues when available. 
  • A current position description; To request a copy of the Position Description, please contact IANRHR@unl.edu.

Submit completed nomination packets electronically via the "Nomination Form". Once submitted, nomination packets are forwarded to the nominee's unit administrator for final approval.

All nominations are due October 1.

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Past Awardees

Exemplary Service Award
Year  Recipient  Department 
2022  Shirley Sato  Center for Biotechnology
2021 Mike Livingston Agronomy & Horticulture
2020  Marilyn Weidner Entomology
2019  Rex Nielsen Panhandle Research, Extension, and Education Center
2019  Rebecca Vogt Agricultural Economics
2018  Jeri Cunningham Entomology
2016  Nancy Wagner  IANR Business and Finance 
2016  Sharon Holman  Panhandle Research, Extension, and Education Center
2015  Rosalee Swartz  Agricultural Economics 
2014  Barry Shull  IANR Vice Chancellor's Office 
2013  Murd Holland  IANR Vice Chancellor's Office 
2011  Michael Overturf  USMARC 
2010  Thomas McAndrew  Agronomy & Horticulture 
2009  Leonard Wit  Agronomy & Horticulture 
2008  Linda Arnold  IANR Vice Chancellor's Office 
2008  Rosanna Johnson  IANR Media 
2004  Jeanne Andelt  Nebraska Forest Service 
2004  Charlene Wendt  Agronomy & Horticulture 
2003  Daniel Schaaf  West Central Research, Extension, and Education Center
2002  Vicky Kobes  Animal Science 
2002  Pat Smith  IANR Finance & Personnel