IANR’s Commitment to Inclusion and Belongingness

In IANR, every person contributes to our mission and every interaction matters to our success to serve Nebraska and beyond.

As a proud steward of the land-grant mission, IANR strives to ensure broad and affordable access to high-quality educational opportunities and research for all Nebraskans. In fulfilling this mission, IANR strives to foster success of learners; agriculture and natural resources professionals, leaders and change-makers; educators and scholars; alumni; civic leaders; and all Nebraskans and Nebraska communities. We believe everyone should have access to our programs and expertise, and we are working to create conditions and environments to facilitate that.

We are committed to fostering environments and opportunities in which everyone has the opportunities, tools, and resources they need to grow, thrive, and succeed. We want all to feel their contributions are acknowledged, appreciated, and valued. We want everyone to feel that they belong. This is what we mean by inclusive excellence. As senior leaders in IANR, we recognize that we need to be champions of inclusive excellence for inclusion and belongingness to be experienced by all. This is why we aim to be intentional in our efforts, to reflect on the impact of these efforts on individuals and groups, and to position ourselves to be accountable for our leadership in this area.

Acknowledging Historical and Present Experience

Reflection on history and contemporary experience reminds us that ongoing intentional effort is needed to make a difference. Inclusion and belongingness have not always been practiced in our country. We acknowledge the mistreatment and marginalization of the native peoples who once thrived for centuries on these lands that eventually became the United States of America. We acknowledge the enslavement of millions of people of African descent who were forcibly taken from their homes and families to work in a foreign land. We acknowledge the millions of immigrants who have come to this country of abundance and opportunity only to experience hardships and barriers to success. Despite progress, the past still casts a long shadow of inequity and exclusion in our nation. It's not enough to merely acknowledge historical injustices; IANR must actively address these inequities to fulfill our land-grant mission of ensuring access, affordability, and opportunity for all.

Continuing our Commitment

We continue to be committed to taking intentional and meaningful steps to encourage and nurture inclusion and belongingness throughout IANR, and with our partners throughout Nebraska and the world. We invite you to see how we are putting inclusive excellence into action. 

Mike Boehm, IANR Harlan Vice Chancellor
Jeff Bassford, Assistant Vice Chancellor
Rich Bischoff, Associate Vice Chancellor
Tiffany Heng-Moss, Dean, CASNR
Sherri Jones, Dean, CEHS
Derek McLean, Dean and Director, ARD
Charlie Stoltenow, Dean and Director, Nebraska Extension