Global Grants and Opportunities for Faculty

A significant goal IANR's globally engaged staff is to support faculty in the continuation and generation of international collaborations, field work, fellowships, and more. This aids in their own professional and academic development as well as helps them to internationalize the curriculum to help prepare students to thrive in our globalized world. Please see the current opportunities below and contact us if you have questions about these or other international endeavors.

SPRINT Initiative - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration Call for Proposals

Check back for next call: Email Liana to be notified

(Verbiage from last call): Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) in partnership with the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) announce the call for proposals under the SPRINT initiative - São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration. The call aims to promote the engagement of researchers affiliated with higher education and research institutions in the State of São Paulo in partnership with researchers abroad in order to: further develop qualitatively the ongoing research projects and work cooperatively, with the purpose of elaborating joint research projects for the medium and long term. FAPESP and IANR (Agricultural Research Division and IANR Global Engagement) will each fund the equivalent of US $10,000 per proposal per year (total of US $20,000 per year). 

Awards: 1 award of $20,000 for a maximum 24 months

Global Experience Innovation Fund

2023-2024 application is ACTIVE and open until end of Spring 2023 semester. 

The Education Abroad Office, in partnership with the Office of Global Strategies, has created a Global Experiences Innovation Fund to support faculty and staff in the development and promotion of innovative virtual, on-campus or "glocal," and domestic programs for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021. In addition, the Fund will support faculty and staff efforts to integrate education abroad more seamlessly into the curriculum. Interested faculty/staff are invited to submit 1) a statement of interest describing their vision for the program (suggested 500 word limit), 2) a brief letter of support from the chair of the academic unit and/or staff member’s direct supervisor, and 3) a budget request.

Awards: Award amounts will range from $1,000 to $8,000, with consideration given to higher amounts if warranted.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service-related Opportunities: 

1. SCRP (Scientific Cooperation Research Program)

The Scientific Cooperation Research Program supports FAS’s Borlaug Fellowship Program and other USDA strategic goals by mobilizing the scientific communities’ accumulated knowledge and technologies through the funding of joint research, extension, and education projects. These projects are between U.S. researchers and researchers from selected emerging market economies, last up to two years, and address issues including but not limited to agricultural trade and market access, animal and plant health, biotechnology, food safety and security, climate smart agriculture, and sustainable natural resource management.


2. FEP (Faculty Exchange Program) 

The Faculty Exchange Program will support the design and delivery of training activities for university professors in Veterinary Science from the Philippines and Vietnam. Veterinary training design and training under the FEP must include a curriculum that addresses science based Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) and Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) issues that connect to international trade.


IAEFP (International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program) 

The International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program (IAEFP), in coordination with 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA), will provide opportunities to eligible U.S. citizens to assist developing countries in establishing school-based agricultural education and youth extension programs.


CFP (Cochran Fellowship Program) Peru Softwoods

The Cochran Fellowship Program’s Latin America and Caribbean Region is requesting the design and delivery of a training program for a cohort of up to seven Fellows from Peru to strengthen their knowledge of technical science-based wood housing building codes and structures.


FAO COAG-SCL Technical Expertise 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is undertaking a comprehensive review of the contribution of livestock to food security, sustainable food systems, nutrition, and healthy diets; based on a broad review of existing evidence (scientific publications and databases) on the linkages between livestock, agrifood systems, food security, healthy diets and nutrition. FAO has asked USDA to nominate technical experts in livestock and veterinary science, human nutrition and human health, food policy, food safety, economics, social sciences and environmental sciences to serve as peer reviewers, in order to ensure a robust, inclusive, and scientifically-grounded review.

 If selected by FAO, experts would be engaged directly by FAO, using the processes, protocols, and modalities of FAO. This is not expected to be a long-term engagement, although past experience demonstrates the possibility that participating experts may develop new connections through which further engagements may emanate.

 Anyone interested in participating is requested to send:

- A brief statement of interest, not to exceed 200 words;

- A current CV/résumé; and

- A bibliography, if not included in the CV

to and not later than Friday, March 31, 2023.

Submitting the materials above does not create any obligation by any party; if selected by FAO, technical experts will be contacted with further details. Unless otherwise requested, USDA may retain the submissions for comparable future opportunities that may arise.

Updated April 24 2023


For further international opportunities across more disciplines, visit the UNL Office of Global Strategies grants page