Global Learning Hub Announces Spring 2023 Programming

Global Learning Hub team member Sylvana (second to right) and former Global Ambassador Divine (far right) chat with graduate students Jerome and Margaret (far left, and second left) during a Global Language Café focused on the Swahili language last fall
Monday, February 13, 2023

Global Learning Hub Announces Spring 2023 Programming

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Global Learning Hub is excited to announce another semester of globally themed programming for students, faculty, staff and the broader IANR community in Spring 2023. With a focus on a broader definition of what a “global” experience means, the events and opportunities will include a mix of information about physical travel opportunities, in-person events, and hybrid programming.

“It’s more vital than ever that our students expand their minds, skills and professional networks in the global space…it’s a key way to have an edge the global workplace,” said Brianne Wolf, who leads efforts for global learning and engagement strategies for CASNR.

“Access to global learning opportunities for all our students is also our priority,” said Wolf. “So you’ll see that our events are ones that explore not only physical mobility/travel options, but also ways students can learn, grow and network here in Lincoln as well as in virtual capacities.”

(Edit as of 2/16: due to inclement weather and the closure of the UNL campus, our first event was moved online and can be viewed here. The online event for faculty and staff and in-person event for graduate students has been postponed for April 17, 2023). 
The Hub is excited to kick off the spring semester’s programming with three events featuring Jim Suits, of the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), on global careers and current opportunities with the organization. The first, in partnership with the Yeutter Institute for International Trade and Finance, will be a breakfast chat about global career opportunities over coffee, hot chocolate and pastries.  Faculty and staff have a chance to hear from Suits at 2:00 p.m. about opportunities to host USDA FAS-funded scholars and other collaboration possibilities, as well as hear about the agency’s broader work in a presentation called “Agriculture Without Borders.” The online discussion is open to the campus community, but will be geared primarily towards faculty and staff. Later that day, graduate students are invited to a casual, meet-and-greet event to network with Jim and other graduate students. Starting at 3:30 p.m., students can drop in and stay for however long they can, grab some free snacks and drinks, and hear about the global jobs and internships currently open at the USDA FAS.  Students interested in previous career chats can access videos of events featuring global scientist and IANR faculty member Georgina Bingham; Andre Bradley, of the Mexico City, Mexico Foreign Agricultural Trade Office; Cicely (Batie) Wardyn, of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture; and Mark Doyle, of the USAID Mission in Bamako, Mali.

Next, the Global Learning Hub is excited to participate in the nation- and world-wide observance of SDG Action and Awareness Week March 6-10, 2023 organized by the members of the University Global Coalition. As part of this week, the Institute and CASNR are excited to present several events showcasing how our institution is working towards global goals:

  • March 9: "Meet the Maker" of the CASNR Beyond the Box: SDGs exhbit with UNL CASNR alumna Peyton Bishop. Online presentation about this unique, interactive exhibit showcasing Nebraska faculty's engagement with the SDGs begins at 3:00 p.m., with an in-person walk-through opportunity available to the campus community immediately after in the East Campus Union (Nebraska East Union, third floor near the Loft Gallery ). 
  • Channel Your Talents Towards Global Goals: Learn about the SDG Scholars Program, and how to earn a digital badge in one of four sustainable development goals (date/time TBA). Learn more about the SDG Scholars group and badge. 

Global-themed events during CASNR Week, April 17-21:

The Global Hub is excited to be part of the annual CASNR Week celebrations. April 17 will bring another of the Hub’s ongoing Global Language Cafe events, this one intended for speakers and learners of Spanish. Individuals across the spectrum of linguistic ability from any major are welcomed: whether native speakers, intermediate learners or just hoping to gain a few words of pleasantries. Students, faculty, and staff, especially those advanced or native speakers, are encouraged to use the opportunity to speak about their research in Spanish, but all are invited for networking and conversation. The event will take place in the CASNR Global Learning Hub commons, located in the main area of the Ag Hall 202 suite of offices.

Study abroad is a well-known opportunity, but what about interning abroad? Hear about three different international internship opportunities CASNR students have taken part in or have the opportunity for with our global partners. Friday, April 21, time/location TBA.

Across campus and the university:

There are many other globally relevant events happening across the Institute and campus over the course of the semester, which we encourage the campus community to attend!

Ongoing events:

  • Cultural Cuisine nights with the International Student and Scholar Office (ISSO): Enjoy fun, fellowship, and delicious food & dishes at a series of Cultural Cuisine Nights, happening the first Tuesday of every month from 4:30 to 8 p.m. in Cather Dining Center. March's event focuses on the Indian celebration of Holi. April's event will be a European night, and May 2 will be Mediterrean themed (celebrating the end of Ramandan). More information from the ISSO office on their website
  • Curious about a faculty-led study abroad program the areas that relate to CASNR majors? Be sure to stop by for one of East Campus CASNR Huskers Abroad 101 sessions and speak with Shannon Smith about how to make your study abroad dream a reality. Representatives from programs across disciplines as diverse as wildlife management to food production to PGA management will be present to share about program options that can take one to South Africa, Spain, Scotland, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond; full program information is located on the Hub virtual space. Be sure to meet the new CASNR Global Experiences Coordinator, Shannon Smith, while there. With an office located in the Global Learning Hub in Ag Hall 202, Shannon is the person to speak with about exploring international travel options to advance your education and training while at Nebraska. Stop by her office or make an appointment.
  • Finally, the CASNR Global Learning Hub team reminds students that the virtual space offers many opportunities for students to engage in global development no matter where they are located. The global opportunities page is an up-to-date source on local/virtual/global internships; globally-themed classes and non-curricular learning opportunities; plus, funding opportunities as diverse as large-scale research support or funding students’ first passport.
  • The Sustainable Development Scholars Program offers students both a way to engage in co-curricular involvement to advance their knowledge, skills and network around global challenges while also culminating in a non-credit digital credential in one of four of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Contact Brianne Wolf for more on how to join the SDG Scholars program and earn a digital badge.