CASNR to celebrate global learning during November

Former CASNR Global Ambassador Roberto Nayituriki leads an impromptu Swahili lesson during last year's Global Language Cafe, part of the International Education Month celebrations
Tuesday, November 8, 2022

CASNR to celebrate global learning during November

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) Global Learning Hub will be host to numerous events this month as the larger university community celebrates International Education Week. This year, the official celebrations run from November 14 to 18, 2022. However, to provide additional flexibility for students’ schedules and to further elevate the power of a global education, IEW at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln celebration has been extended to a month-long celebration from November 1 to 25, 2022.

“Creating opportunities for our students to have global experiences both here at Nebraska and abroad is a critical way to help them be prepared to be successful in our interconnected world,” said CASNR global programs manager, Brianne Wolf.

“We are fortunate to have a diverse body of international students, for whom their time here is very clearly a ‘global learning experience,'’’ said CASNR Dean Tiffany Heng-Moss. “We are grateful for all they bring to our CASNR community, and we hope international programming like we have this month helps them feel like they belong, while also allowing them to continue to experience the world from their academic home here at Nebraska.”

The Global Learning Hub kicked off the International Education Month celebrations with an in-person “language café” event November 7 focused on the Swahili language, spoken by people from at least 14 countries as well as those living around the world. Led by Global Hub graduate student and native Swahili speaker Shabani Muller, students, staff and faculty attended to network with other campus individuals and use/practice their language skills in the context of their discipline. While a student may speak well in general casual conversation in another language, the vocabulary or other context of speaking about food safety, crop pathogens, or zoonotic disease might be more challenging.

“The hope is that these language café events can help students expand and develop their capacity to use another language professionally as well as expand their network to globally-minded staff, faculty and other students,” said Wolf.

Open to all speakers, whether you are a fluent active user of the language, a heritage speaker who would like more contextual practice, or a language learner looking to grow your skills. Offering coffee, tea and treats, all are welcome for these events that the Global team works to hold a few times per year. Interested in seeing a different language offered? Contact Shabani.

Students interested in hearing about a global career trajectory can tune in to hear from Georgina Bingham, whose professional path has taken her from rural England around the world in a diverse career across industry, academia and beyond. The session, to be held Tuesday November 15, will be held online for wider access, then any students who wish to may come in person to Ag Hall 202 to chat with Dr. Bingham in person and network with others.

We are excited to once again see students return to their participation in education abroad. Hear from CASNR major (Horticulture) Claire Gillespie about her time spend studying in Zambia, as well as how she successfully applied for and received the Gilman Scholarship. She’ll share about her experience abroad plus tips on how to fund international study through funding opportunities like the Gilman.

Last, all students from CASNR, especially, are invited to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals Scholars program, an innovative co-curricular group that engages with local and global experts, ideates with peers, and helps participants create original professional work around these major world challenges. Students wanting to join or learn more can attend a virtual information/networking session on Monday, November 21 at 1:00 p.m. More information about SDG Scholars Program, including the digital badge options, can be found here.

While these events are spearheaded by the CASNR Global Learning Hub team and partners, any campus entity—whether a student organization, a department, center, office or sub-group—can organize an event for International Education Month/Week. Have an event in mind? Share it with Brianne to have it cross-promoted across IANR and the larger university community.

Check out the university-wide International Education Week/Month calendar.

About International Education Week:

International Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. As part of a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, International Education Week showcases the efforts of programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States. The annual event also highlights international diversity and promotes the opportunity to experience new cultures.