Inclement Weather Closedown Policy

Last updated: 11/2014

UNL Inclement Weather Policies

IANR Operating Policy

For Inclement Weather Closedown
At Non-Lincoln Locations


The IANR is administratively responsible for sites not in Lincoln, e.g., the Research and Extension Centers, the ARDC, and other research and educational sites. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has an "Operating Policy for Inclement Weather Closedown" that defines the process for the Lincoln campus. The UNL Chancellor has assigned to the IANR Vice Chancellor decision responsibility for closing non-Lincoln IANR sites due to inclement weather.


The decision to close due to inclement weather will be made by the person with primary administrative responsibility for the site, e.g., the center director.  Decisions will be promptly communicated to the IANR Vice Chancellor's office via phone (402-472-2871 – leave voicemail if no answer) and e-mail: (; The person with primary decision-making responsibility will also provide to the Vice Chancellor's Office a written plan (reviewed and updated annually) for inclement weather that includes the following:

  1. Name and home/cell phone number of person with primary decision-making responsibility to close the facility and initiate the closedown process.
  2. Name(s) and phone number(s) of alternate(s) with decision-making responsibility if the primary decision maker is absent.
  3. A process for notification of employees that the facility will be closed, including a mechanism whereby employees are notified or can obtain information before leaving for work.
  4. A list of employees considered "essential" for the operations of the site during a closedown.  This may include animal caretakers, snow removal crews, facility personnel, or others needed to maintain basic essential functions during the shut down.

Additional Information

As stated in the UNL policy, if no announcement is made by UNL, the University is considered open and all activities will be conducted as usual.  When the University is open, employees in Lincoln must account for their normal workday by working or taking vacation leave.  Recognizing that severe weather may cause unique travel problems and late starts at off-campus locations, administrators of these facilities are encouraged to alter work schedules to accommodate both operational needs and individual employee situations, with employee safety as the primary consideration.  If the facility is closed due to inclement weather, all employees will receive leave with pay for the normal work hours.  Employees will code their time sheets "BADW" for the time they are not at their duty station.  Employees considered "essential" will receive regular pay, plus the "BADW," for the time worked if they are paid on an hourly basis.  If a salaried person is required to work during the shutdown, supervisors are encouraged to grant compensatory time on a later mutually agreeable date for the actual hours worked.  Persons on vacation or sick leave during the facility closing will have their absence changed to "BADW" and not be charged for vacation or sick leave.