Mobile Apps

Mobile apps put Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources information at your fingertips. Whether you take these apps on a trip to the grocery store or out in the field, they give you the information you need, when and where you need it.


Livestock Related Apps

horse bcs app icon Horse BCS App A mobile app for horse body condition scoring

More Livestock Related Apps: NU Beef Anatomy

Youth Related Apps

Health Rocks! Health Rocks! Test your health knowledge by participating in carnival-themed games.

More Youth Related Apps:U R Parent App

Food Related Apps

farm to plate app Farm to Plate What foods are in each food group, where do they come from and why do we need these foods in our daily diet?

More Food Related Apps: GrowIt-KnowIt

Water Related Apps

irrigation app Computes the annualized costs of owning and operating an irrigation system

More Water Related Apps: Crop Water

Crop Related Apps

aphid app Aphid Speed Scout Helps determine if soybean aphids have reached the 250 aphids per plant threshold

More Crop Related Apps: Grain Marketing Plan
Crop Water
Ground Spray
Pesticide Recordkeeping (PeRK)
Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scout 

General Apps

market journal app Market Journal App includes segment clips from the weekly show as well as end-of-day futures prices, Nebraska daily elevator prices, local weather, and news from various agricultural sources.

More General Apps: AgriTools
Nebraska Extension 4-H at the State Fair