Pallas family traces its roots to Burr Hall

Pallas family traces its roots to Burr Hall

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Pallas family in corn field

Over the years, a number of traditions have started in Burr and Fedde Halls. From Cornstock and the Bull Frys, to the "Legend of Thorny," these traditions have created a culture unique to East Campus. Each of these happenings was started by students to bring people together, and that's exactly what happened for Tim and Colleen Pallas.

When Colleen (Medinger) moved into Burr Hall as a freshman in the fall of 1986, she wasn't looking for her future husband. In fact, she'll even admit to participating in an anti-Valentine's Day party on campus. The Central City native was focused on earning a degree in agronomy and enjoying life as a college student. That all changed when she attended the roommate dance in November 1987.

The roommate dance was thrown annually by the residents of Burr and Fedde Halls. Each resident would set their roommate up with a date to the dance. That year Colleen was set up with Tim Pallas, a diversified ag major from Lawrence, and the rest is history.

"We did not know each other before we were set up at that dance so you could say Burr Hall brought us together," Colleen said.

Tim and Colleen PallasToday, Tim and Colleen live in Stromsberg, Neb., and have been married for 25 years. Colleen has worked with Nebraska Extension in Polk County for 24 years as an extension associate for 4-H Youth Development. Tim is a sales representative for DuPont Pioneer Hi-Breds.

The couple has three children all with ties to the same university their parents attended. Their son Cale graduated from Nebraska in 2016 with a degree in agronomy. Megan, their middle daughter, is a junior education major, and their youngest daughter, Jenni, plans to attend the university in the fall.

While pursuing an agricultural economics degree, Jenni will live on East Campus, but it won't be quite the same experience her parents had. Jenni will be living in the brand new residence hall on East Campus. The new hall will have an estimated 370 beds in a mix of traditional and apartment–style units. It will replace the 300- bed, 1950s-era Burr and Fedde residence halls.

"Getting to live in the new hall is really exciting, but I'm also looking forward to experiencing all that East Campus has to offer," Jenni said. "My parents have told me that it's like living in a small town where you know everyone."

While the living arrangements may look a little different, the Pallases are looking forward to their youngest daughter living on East Campus and getting to experience the community and traditions that they did 30 years ago.

"East Campus is special," Colleen said. "My husband and I met at Burr Hall and we have so many wonderful memories of our time there. We met some of our best friends on campus."