Innovative teaching and learning in CASNR

Innovative teaching and learning in CASNR

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CASNR students running in football stadium

Now in its 145th year, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is committed to preparing today's students for tomorrow's greatest challenges. To do so in today's rapidly changing environment, CASNR is prepared to think outside of the box when it comes to teaching and learning.

CASNR offers a wide range of unique opportunities for undergraduate research, entrepreneurship development, international experiences and collaborative relationships with faculty, staff and fellow students. Below is a small sample of the innovative and interdisciplinary approach CASNR has taken to provide students with an engaging, energizing, individualized educational experience, and prepare them to make a difference in Nebraska and around the world.

  • Faculty-led education abroad experiences have been held in 17 countries around the world including Puerto Rico, Botswana, Scotland, Spain, China and Australia.
  • Each year, a number of CASNR undergraduates participate in the Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experience program, which gives them the opportunity to work in research one-on-one with a faculty research advisor.
  • CASNR is helping students make the most of their time at Nebraska by developing learning communities. In addition to students with shared academic interests living together, they're also enrolled in shared courses, have access to an upper class student mentor and work with a faculty sponsor.
  • Through the integrated science program, students have the opportunity to design their own degree. With the mentoring of a faculty advisory committee, students focus their degree and select courses across multiple concentration areas to create an individualized and interdisciplinary program of study.
  • International student enrollment in CASNR has increased significantly. IANR has developed a number of new partnerships with partners around the world to expand international programming focused on the shared goal of preparing students as leaders for a future in which demands on food, energy and water systems will challenge sustainability.

CASNR faculty are creating innovative and transformative educational experiences that prepare students for careers addressing global challenges. The college's focus is not on preparing students for their first job, but positioning them to have a lasting and impactful career that aligns with their passion.