Burr and Fedde Traditions


The Legend of Thorny

Thorny may go down as one of the most famous traditions in Fedde Hall. It is a mysterious tale that spanned several decades.

Early in the fall semester residents would awake to discover messages on the bathroom mirrors and notes suspended in the hallways warning, “Beware of Thorny” and “Thorny’s Coming!” It soon became the talk of Fedde Hall, yet none of the residents would admit to having knowledge of who Thorny was.

So who was this infamous Thorny? You’ll have to ask a Fedde Hall resident to find out!

It's Hard to Beat a Burr Hall Girl (Song)

“Oh when a Burr Hall girl walks down the street…
She looks a hundred per from head to feet…
She has a winning smile, a winning way, and when you look at her you’ll recognize her and you’ll say…
Now there’s a girl I’d like to know…
She has that Burr Hall spirit, pep and go…
Just look at her she’s kind of sweet…
It’s hard to beat a Burr Hall girl”

Burr Hall Girls
People at Cornstock


First held in the early 1970s, Cornstock was a music and dance festival held each fall on East Campus. The sounds of country music would carry across campus to the delight of thousands of students and alumni in attendance. The event was held annually until the early 1990s.

Burr/Fedde/Love Bull Fry

The annual philanthropic event on East Campus was started by residents as a way to help those in need, while having a bit of fun at the same time. It features entertainment, games and of course, Rocky Mountain Oysters, or bull testicles.

While the menu surprises some, it hasn’t stopped them from coming out and supporting a great cause. Since it began in 1996, the Bull/Fedde/Love Bull Fry has raised over $100,000 for families in need.

Before each Bull Fry, the Burr/Fedde/Love student senate reviews nominations submitted anonymously by residents, and selects one family to receive the funds raised from that year’s event. The chosen family is typically in need of financial assistance due to an unfortunate circumstance. Prior Bull Fry recipient families have been affected by serious medical conditions and natural disasters.

In addition to food, the first Bull Fry featured potato sack races, a sand volleyball tournament and roping contest. Over the years the event has expanded to include inflatable games, a dunk tank, bowling tournament and a chili feed. Rocky Mountain Oysters remain the staple of the Bull Fry, but hotdogs and hamburgers are always on the grill to please all taste buds.

Bull fry poster